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Our Vision

We Start Fresh Everyday

Buy all our products locally.
Hand prepare our dough.
Our dough takes up to two hours to prepare.  Perfection like this does not come quickly; but is so well worth the wait!  We hand toss our dough into our unique crust.  Even our hand tossing style is different; we absolutely refuse to use a machine to toss our skins. 
 Mix up our signature sauce.          
The high quality tomatoes that become our signature sauce are grown right here in California, they go from the field    to the can in less than six hours.  How many other places can say that?  Our sauce takes up to an hour to make it    perfect.  We then let is cure for a day in a controlled environment of forty degrees to ensure a perfect blend of    flavor.
Grate our cheese in house.
We only use the highest quality mozzarella cheese for perfection in every pizza.  The quality of our cheese is so apparent, that you can smell the intoxicating aroma while it is being grated.
Fresh cut our veggies.
Our vegetables are bought locally every day to ensure the freshest taste, highest quality and to help support our local economy.
Hand prepare our salads.
Chill our ingredients to perfection.
Fresh bake our chocolate chip cookies. 
Pizza is an art, not a mechanized product slapped together by a machine.  It should be crafted by an artisan mindful of his art. 


Our team is truly what makes us great.

Our team is drawn from a diverse group of amazing people.  Their different experiences and perspectives help to keep Top Class fresh and in touch with their local community. 
We believe we have a social obligation to our local communities to give back, be environmentally mindful and to buy locally so as to help support our local economy.  We believe our future is in our hands-simply by buying locally we can help protect local jobs, families and the communities we love so dearly.

Our team is instrumental in the many events and causes we have supported.  Without our truly amazing crew, we would just be another pie shop(albeit one with a pretty darn good pizza!).